Welcome to paradise where being bold and yourself isn’t apologetic anymore. Triune celebrates all things colours, happiness and nostalgia, crafting flattering fashion sensations for vacation, voyage, travel and everything in between. From pop to memories, Triune has something for everyone who is looking to break barriers using fashion as their language.

​Established in November 2019, TRIUNE curates bespoke vacation edit that is season-less and non-conventional. Spurring happiness through its colour palette, textiles yet predefining a smooth comfort with its every silhouette.

​Create your own calm in chaos with the label’s unabashed style; a melting point where mind, body and soul aligns thus bringing the true spirit of TRIUNE to life. Each piece is an amalgamation of retro charisma fused with contemporary bohemian, letting the clothes speak for themselves. Proud to celebrate diversity and not to conform to social conventions, Triune’s style plays a muse for love and self-expression. With each curation have fun while drenched in colour from head to toe, letting clothes embark the confidence you deserve.

​Sewn with love, the label’s end to end production is completely in-house, clean & ethically responsible. What more you ask? Each piece is consciously hand-tailored, locally sourced and breathable.

​Feel in your own skin with TRIUNE and rediscover the real you, one piece at a time.


The Eternal Swan logo embodies the essence of Body, Mind, and Soul. The majestic beauty and grace of the swan symbolize the physical aspect of the body. The swan's intelligence and wisdom represent the realm of the mind. At a deeper level, the purity and inner beauty of the soul are mirrored in the logo's portrayal. 

For the founder, the swan logo holds a profound and sentimental significance. It traces back to a cherished childhood memory where his father would take him to a serene pond to watch swans gliding gracefully, filling his heart with joy and happiness. 

The image of those enchanting swans left a lasting impression on him, and years later, that beautiful memory found expression in the brand's logo giving birth to the Eternal Swan logo, which now represents the harmonious unity of body, mind, and soul.

During his childhood, he immersed himself in nature's embrace, surrounded by lush greenery that left a lasting imprint on his heart. As he grew older, those cherished memories became a relic of the past. However, destiny had something in store for him, during a transformative journey to Auroville, he encountered the elegant swan once more. In that serendipitous moment, memories of not just the swan but also the myriad other animals and plants that had once surrounded him came rushing back. Amidst the chaos of life, the sight of the swan and the reminiscence of nature's tranquility brought him a profound sense of peace. This encounter with nature's beauty became the catalyst that ignited his creative vision. From that point onward, nature became the cornerstone of inspiration for all designs crafted by Triune, reflecting the harmony and serenity found in the natural world.